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What is the Average Pay for a Nanny by State?

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How much can a Nanny Earn in the United States?

The table below provides an average annual salary for nannies by US state, to show the differences in pay and costs of living per region. Generally the higher paying states also have a higher cost of living, resulting in less actual income after expenses and taxes.

What to know about the Nanny Career field – Not all Nannies are alike

Children of all ages can benefit from a nanny. There are different types of nanny jobs to suit the age of the child and the careers of the parents. For infants and toddlers, a nanny may be needed to help the mother adjust and care for older children. Some nannies are full-time, live-in nannies who live with the family and are available to help at all hours. A combined nanny/housekeeper role is ideal for school-age children; the nanny will tidy and organize the house before the children get home from school. A house manager nanny takes care of the whole house; laundry, organization, child care, and appointment scheduling are all on this nanny’s to-do list.

Nanny Duties and Responsibilities

  • Tend to the general and basic needs of the children while providing supervision to ensure the children’s safety in day-to-day activities
  • Engage children in age-appropriate activities—including free play, arts and crafts, games, and reading—to encourage the children’s intellectual development
  • Supervise homework and assist if needed
  • Model appropriate social behaviors to encourage children’s social and emotional development, such as developing empathy and cultivating interpersonal relationships
  • Teach children safe behavior based on environmental context; for example, seek adult assistance to cross the street
  • Monitor the children’s behavior for irregularities pertaining to their health and well-being as well as their physical, emotional, and mental development
  • In case of illness or injury, provide necessary medical attention; for example, transport the child to a doctor or hospital, take the child’s temperature, and administer medications as directed
  • Instruct the children on proper health and personal care habits, such as diet, exercise, and toilet behavior; provide assistance as needed
  • Assign chores as appropriate to teach the children responsibility, self-control, and self-confidence
  • Praise the children for targeted behaviors to encourage appropriate conduct
  • Create a safe environment for the children by removing hazards and enforcing appropriate boundaries
  • Transport the children to school, extracurricular activities, social outings, and medical appointments
  • Perform housekeeping tasks related to the children’s care
  • Meet with the parents regularly to reflect on and plan for  the children’s activities and development

Taking the above details into account for the wide variety of skills and requirements for a nanny, here are the average salary amounts per state. Keep in mind, compensation packages can differ greatly from one household or state to another. The data is provided by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New York – Nanny Salary$17.46$36,310
Massachusetts – Nanny Salary$17.29$35,966
Washington – Nanny Salary$17.17$35,715
New Hampshire – Nanny Salary$16.83$35,004
Hawaii – Nanny Salary$16.61$34,543
Maryland – Nanny Salary$16.02$33,332
Connecticut – Nanny Salary$16.02$33,321
Rhode Island – Nanny Salary$15.89$33,050
Alaska – Nanny Salary$15.87$33,008
Vermont – Nanny Salary$15.80$32,871
Nebraska – Nanny Salary$15.78$32,829
Nevada – Nanny Salary$15.74$32,749
North Dakota – Nanny Salary$15.69$32,625
Wyoming – Nanny Salary$15.67$32,596
California – Nanny Salary$15.65$32,544
StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
Virginia – Nanny Salary$15.58$32,399
Kentucky – Nanny Salary$15.26$31,747
South Dakota – Nanny Salary$15.23$31,672
New Jersey – Nanny Salary$15.19$31,604
West Virginia – Nanny Salary$15.18$31,565
Pennsylvania – Nanny Salary$15.10$31,412
South Carolina – Nanny Salary$15.02$31,250
Minnesota – Nanny Salary$15.01$31,221
Oregon – Nanny Salary$14.97$31,146
Delaware – Nanny Salary$14.97$31,142
Tennessee – Nanny Salary$14.96$31,119
Colorado – Nanny Salary$14.95$31,100
Montana – Nanny Salary$14.94$31,077
Ohio – Nanny Salary$14.85$30,895
Wisconsin – Nanny Salary$14.82$30,821
Arizona – Nanny Salary$14.79$30,757
StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
Kansas – Nanny Salary$14.72$30,625
Utah – Nanny Salary$14.72$30,611
Indiana – Nanny Salary$14.69$30,560
Oklahoma – Nanny Salary$14.67$30,512
Idaho – Nanny Salary$14.63$30,425
Maine – Nanny Salary$14.62$30,403
Louisiana – Nanny Salary$14.56$30,279
Iowa – Nanny Salary$14.41$29,967
Georgia – Nanny Salary$14.26$29,671
Texas – Nanny Salary$14.10$29,331
New Mexico – Nanny Salary$14.07$29,267
Michigan – Nanny Salary$14.04$29,193
Arkansas – Nanny Salary$14.02$29,171
Illinois – Nanny Salary$13.95$29,013
Alabama – Nanny Salary$13.93$28,977
Mississippi – Nanny Salary$13.79$28,684
Missouri – Nanny Salary$13.76$28,617
Florida – Nanny Salary$13.45$27,966


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